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Vossius Center for the History of Humanities and Sciences

Bringing together researchers from all faculties of the University of Amsterdam who share an interest in the history of humanities and science, as well as in university history
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29 May 2019
Georgiana Hedesan joins the Vossius Center for four months in May 2019 as a Research Fellow with the project "Johann Rudolf Glauber’s Alchemical Laboratory in Mid-Seventeenth Century Amsterdam".
15 May 2019
The Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry invites submissions for the 10th Annual Postgraduate Workshop. This year’s topic is “Society and the Creation of (al)Chemical Knowledge”. Hosted by the Ritman ...
12 April 2019
Issue 4.1 of 'History of Humanities' (Spring 2019) has been published.
Vossius Seminar
At the next Vossius Seminar Mathijs Boom (UvA) and Georgiana Hedesan (U. Oxford, Vossius fellow UvA) will present their research.
Seminar Global Intellectual History
At the next Utrecht/Amsterdam Seminar Global Intellectual History Richard Whatmore (Saint-Andrews) will give the lecture "The future of intellectual history".
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3 - 4Jul 2019
Keynote lectures by Prof. dr. Dominic Sachsenmaier (Georg-August University Göttingen) and Prof. dr. Andrew Fitzmaurice (University of Sydney). The lectures are part of the Summer School organised with by Huizinga ...
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The Vossius Center aims to investigate the position and development of knowledge-making disciplines, in past and present.