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Research Fellows

Current and past Vossius Fellows

Simon Allzén (History of Science)
Flavio Baracco (History of Philosophy)
Nikita Braguinski (History of Musicology)
Filip Buyse (History of Science)
Richard Calis (History of Humanities)
Stephen Clucas (History of Philosophy)
Camille Creyghton (History of History Writing)
Lieke van Deinsen (History of Early Modern Humanities)
Alexander Dmitriev (History of Humanities)
Hajime Fujimori (History of Medicine)
Neda Ghatrouei (History of Science)
Ana María Gómez López (History of Science)
Georgiana Hedesan (History of Medicine)
Jennifer Hsieh (History of Technology)
Christoffer Leber (History of Science)
Edgar Lejeune (History of Linguistics and History of Humanities)
Magdalena Luszczynska (History of Science)
Niels Martens (History of Philosophy and Science)
Riccardo Martinelli (History of Philosophy and History of Science)
James McElvenny (History of Linguistics)
Josephine Musil-Gutsch (History of Science)
Omar W. Nasim (History of Science)
Angus Nicholls (History of Humanities)
Kristine Palmieri (History of Philology)
Camille Paloque-Berges (History of Techno-Sciences in Society)
Grigoris Panoutsopoulos (History of Science)
Cesare Pastorino (History of Science)
Eugenio Petrovich (History of Philosophy)
Stefan Poland (History of Humanities)
Anna-Luna Post (History of Humanities)
Pascale Rabault-Feuerhahn (History of Oriental Studies)
Kim Simonsen (History of Humanities and Natural history)
Floris Solleveld (History of Literary Studies and History Writing)
Jos Uffink (History of Physics)
Lukas Verburgt (History of Science)
Lyke de Vries (History of Philosophy)
Francesca Zantedeschi (History of Humanities)

Vossius Fund for Research Fellows

Researchers working in the field of the History of Humanities and Science can apply to the Vossius Fund for Research Fellows.

Current and past Zeeman Fellows

Karine Chemla
Jürgen Renn
Hans-Jörg Rheinberger