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Anna-Luna Post joins the Vossius Center for three months in September 2020 as a Research Fellow with the project 'Corruption and Fraud in the Scholarly and Mercantile World of the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republic'.

About the project

This project investigates two intersecting cultures of trust, namely the mercantile and the scholarly, and in doing so focuses specifically on how members of each culture understood the concepts of corruption and fraud in the seventeenth century Dutch Republic. What constituted scholarly fraud, in the eyes of seventeenth century scholars, and how did this differ from mercantile fraud? Did merchants and scholars rely on a similar underlying framework to discuss cases of fraud, or were they guided by varying notions of
truthfulness and deception?

About the researcher

Anna-Luna Post is currently finishing her PhD dissertation in the project 'Claiming Fame for Galileo: The Mechanics of Reputation and its Impact in Early Modern Europe' (Utrecht University).

She has co-edited The Wise Merchant, the first English translation and the first critical edition of the Mercator sapiens, Caspar Barlaeus's 1632 oration.