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Faculty of Humanities

Arianna Betti (History of Logic)
Carolyn Birdsall (History of Media Studies, History of Archives, History of Technology)
Gemma Blok (History of Medicine)
Robin Boast (History of museums and archives, history of colonialism, history of technology)
Rens Bod (History of Humanities, History of Interactions)
Jacques Bos (History of History Writing)
Sebastiaan Broere (History of Humanities)
Petra Brouwer (History of Architectural History)
Giovanni Colavizza (History of Historiography, Digital History)
Camille Creyghton (History of History Writing)
Mario Daniels (History of Science and Technology)
Sven Dupré (History of Art, Science and Technology)
Huub Dijstelbloem (History of Technology, STS)
Els Elffers (History of Linguistics)
Serena Ferente (History of Histriography)
Peter J. Forshaw (History of Western Esotericism: Early Modernity)
Sjang ten Hagen (History of Physics and Historiography)
Wouter Hanegraaff (History of Hermeticism and Related Currents)
Charles van den Heuvel (History of Science)
Bart Karstens (History of Linguistics, Philosophy of Science)
Lisa Kattenberg (History of Political Studies)
P.J. Knegtmans (History of Universities)
Julia Kursell (History of Musicology, History of Science)
Jan Lazardzig (History of Theater Studies)
Joep Leerssen (History of Literary Studies and Philology)
Michiel Leezenberg (History and Philosophy of Humanities)
Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes (History of Art History)
Matthijs Lok (Modern European History)
Jaap Maat (History and Philosophy of Linguistics and Logic)
László Marácz (History of Linguistics)
Marita Mathijsen (History of Literary Studies)
Ansgar Mohnkern (History of Literature and Science)
Manon Parry (History of Medicine and Public Health)
Marco Pasi (History of Western Esotericism: 18th Century-Present)
Ros Powell (Literature and Science 1660-1830)
Marleen Rensen (History of Learning)
Jan Rock (History of Literary Studies)
Kati Röttger (History of Theater Studies)
Federica Russo (History and Philosophy of Medicine)
Ellen Rutten (History of Slavic and Cultural Studies) 
Maartje Stols-Witlox (History of Art Conservation)
Astrid Surmatz (History of Science, Mediation of Arctic and Polar Discoveries)
Hein van den Berg (History of Logic)
Djoeke van Netten (Early Modern History of Science)
Wyger Velema (History of Political Thought, History of History Writing)
Lukas Verburgt (History of Mathematics and Logic)
Thijs Weststeijn (History of Art History and Rhetoric)
Gert Jan van Wijngaarden (History of Archaeology)
Otto Zwartjes (History of Linguistics)
Irene Zwiep (History of Linguistics)

Faculty of Science

Gerard Alberts (History of Computing and Mathematics)
Jos Baeten (History of Computing)
Rens Bod (History of Humanities, History of Interactions)
Jeroen van Dongen (History of Science)
Peter van Emde Boas (History of Mathematics and Computer Science)
Sebastian de Haro (History and Philosophy of Physics)
Theo Janssen (History and Philosophy of Logic and Linguistics)
Machiel Keestra (Philosophy of Science)
A.J. Kox (History of Physics)
Fenrong Liu (History of Logic)
Jaco de Swart (History of Physics)
Chaokang Tai (History of Astronomy)
Anne Troelstra (History of Biology)

Faculty of Social Sciences

Desiree Agterberg (History and Pedagogy of Mathematics)
Denny Borsboom (History of Psychology)
Annelien de Dijn (History of Political Theory and Political Science)
Chunglin Kwa (History of Natural Sciences)
Amade M’charek (Anthropology of Science)
Annemarie Mol (History of Medicine, History of the Body)
Eric Schliesser (History of Science, History of Economic Theory)

Amsterdam University College

Francesca Scott (History of Science and Culture)
Shannon McBriar (History of Science and Culture)
Maxim Kupovykh (History and Sociology of Human Sciences)

Faculty of Law

Janne Nijman (History and Theory of International Law)
Marc de Wilde (History of Legal Studies)

Faculty of Economics and Business

Giuseppe Dari Mattiacci (History of Economics and Legal Studies)

Faculty of Medicine

Laurens de Rooy (History of Anatomy)

PhD candidates

Trude Dijkstra  (History of Oriental Studies)
Lucas van der Deijl (History of Early Modern Science)
Eleá de la Porte (History of History Writing)
Tjalling Janssen (History of Esotericism, Environmental History)
Matthijs Jonker (History of Art and Science)
Tom Kayzel (Philosophy of Science)
Emma Mojet (History of Linguistics and Cognitive Science)
Arjan Nuijten (History of Medicine)
Sylvia Pauw (Early modern philosophy of mathematics)
Anna Pytlowany (History of Linguistics)
Floris Solleveld (History of Literary Studies and History Writing)
Mehmet Sülek (History of Art History)
Willemijn van Noord  (History of Oriental Studies)
Lisa Wijsen (History of Psychometrics)

Student Members

Kyra Gerber (History of Jewish Studies, History of Alchemy)
Ghizlan El Hachimi (History of Literary Studies)
Ravi Ishwardat (History of Western Esotericism)
Fieke Bakker (History of Esotericism)
Claire Morrison (Early Modern Natural History and Art)

Associate Members

Richard Calis (History of Humanities)
Johan Heilbron (History of Sociology)
Fabian Kraemer (History of Science and Humanities)
Siep Stuurman (Global Intellectual History)