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The Vossius Center hosts three interest groups which, in addition to the general Vossius Seminar, organize their own meetings.
  • Amsterdam Seminar Global Intellectual History
  • Amsterdam Philosophy Encounters Science & Society (APES)
  • Vossius Circle for the History of Linguistics

If you wish to join one of these groups, please email the contact person mentioned on the group's webpage.

Amsterdam Seminar Global Intellectual History

The Amsterdam Seminar Global Intellectual History is a platform for researchers from different faculties and departments at the University of Amsterdam who are working in the field of intellectual history and related disciplines. It provides a venue for presenting and discussing frontline research.

We understand global intellectual history (1) in the basic sense that we do not exclude or privilege any geographical region or historical period; (2) to imply a self-reflexive and critical orientation to the historical rootedness of conceptual categories and intellectual traditions; and we believe (3) that global intellectual history should be concerned not only with connections, exchange, comparison, integration, interdependence and transfer, but also with conflict, disintegration, separation, resistance, boundaries and locality.

The seminar is coordinated by Matthijs Lok, Annelien De Dijn, René Koekkoek and Camille Creyghton. If you are interested in participating, you can contact the organizers directly. Meetings of the seminar are announced at

Amsterdam Philosophy Encounters Science & Society (APES)

At APES, Amsterdam-based philosophers of science and humanities discuss their specialised work in progress and their experience in communicating to the public or to policy makers, run meta-philosophical reflections on their discipline, academia, society, and much more.

Vossius Circle for the History of Linguistics

The Vossius Circle for the History of Linguistics is a platform for the exchange of ideas in historiography of linguistics. The Circle regularly meets to discuss papers and drafts of future research plans. We also share our recent discoveries, read key publications and invite guest lecturers. A program of the Circle’s meetings will be posted here every semester. An expert platform on the history of linguistics is a useful addition to the overarching aim of the Vossius Center. Linguistics is perhaps the field par excellence in which ideas, metaphors, methods, etc. have been exchanged with an abundant variety of other disciplines. Interdisciplinarity will thus be an important focus point of the Circle, with the aim to place the history of linguistics within the broader context of the history of the sciences and the humanities. Internationally this aim accords well with the Society for the History of Humanities and its journal History of Humanities that is published twice a year. 

The broader aim of the Circle is to strengthen the position and visibility of history of linguistics at the UvA, in Amsterdam, and in the Netherlands as a whole. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Circle, or if you want to contribute to one of its meetings, please send an e-mail to Bart Karstens. Note that in terms of content we pose no restrictions with respect to period, region or topic as long as it reasonably falls under the heading ‘history of the study of language’.