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NEW BOOK: "The Humanities in the World" with Rens Bod, Stefan Collini and Onora O'Neill, and marvelously edited by Anders Engberg-Pedersen. "There is a preconception so deeply rooted in our culture that even scholars seem to believe it. This is the assumption that whatever the humanities do, they do not solve concrete problems let alone result in technological applications." This book shows otherwise!

“By asking us to rethink how we talk about the humanities, what doing humanistic research entails, and what the concrete impact of the humanities is, the ideas in this book challenge conventional notions of the alleged isolationism and practical insignificance of humanities research. Instead, they point to the myriad ways in which the humanities are situated in the world and have both engaged and changed it. Spotlighting these often invisible connections, and articulating better the practical dealings across the wide territory between the myth of the ivory tower and the myth of salvation, will at least present us with a more accurate picture of what goes on in the humanities today." - From The Humanities in the World

The book will be published 29 May with U Press.