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Publications and CV

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Corrections on publications

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History of biology

My interest in botany led also to an interest in the history of biology, in particular natural history travel narratives. I published two popular books  in Dutch on this theme, Tijgers op de Ararat (2003) and Kolibries in de oren (2009), and also an anthology of Dutch natural history travel narratives, van Spitsbergen naar Suriname (2007). All three books appeared with Uitgeverij Atlas, Amsterdam.

A Bibliography of Natural History Travel Narratives appeared December 2016. In this book I have tried to list all natural history travel narratives, all editions, all translation which I could find. But the coverage is not complete, for example the covering of books in the Slavic languages is fragmentary.

Rubus in the "Utrechtse heuvelrug"

English: Over a number of years I have mapped, together with my wife,  the distribution of Rubus species in the "Utrechtse heuvelrug", which I take hear to include the region of "Het Gooi". The mapping was done on a square-kilometer grid (Amersfoort coordinates). The maps represent only my own observations; of course other people have been mapping Rubus in part of the area concerned.

Dutch: in de loop van een flink aantal jaren heb ik samen met mijn vrouw de verspreiding van Rubus-soorten in de Utrechtse Heuvelrug in kaart gebracht. De Utrechtse Heuvelrug omvat tevens Het Gooi. Het karteren geschiedde op basis van een raster van vierkante kilometers (Amersfoort-coördinaten) De kaartjes representeren alleen mijn eigen waarnemingen; ook anderen hebben her en der in het gebied geïnventariseerd.

Natural History Travel Narratives

More recently I have been writing blogs about natural history travel literature and other natural huistory books, most of them relating to items in the collection of the Artis Library. The first series of these blogs appeared on the website of Bijzondere Collecties of the University Library of the University of Amsterdam; more recently I have been mailing them in the form of a pdf to a list of interested people. All blogs are listed below and can be downloaded.


Shortly after retirement I was asked to write  a piece with personal reminiscences for the  ILLC-magazine. It appeared under the title Looking Back.

Albert Dragálin

The sudden death of my Russian colleague Albert Dragálin in 1998 came as a shock; the few times I met him he seemed always full of life. His work and personality had made a deep impression on me and shortly after his death I wrote a short tribute.

Valedictory lecture - Afscheidscollege

Below a link to an English translation of my valedictory lecture, delivered in September 2000. The illustrations are not quite the same as actually shown during the lecture; some had to be left out for reasons of copyright.


  • Troelstra, A. S., & van de Beek, A. (2014). Rubus uncimontanus spec. nov., eine neue Brombeerart in den Niederlanden und Westfalen. Osnabrücker Naturwissenschaftliche Mitteilungen, 39/40, 131-134.
  • Troelstra, A. S., van de Beek, B., Bijlsma, R. J., Haveman, R., Meijer, K., de Ronde, I., & Weeda, E. (2014). Naamlijst en verspreidingsgegevens van de Nederlandse bramen (Rubus L. subgenus Rubus). Gorteria, 36, 108-171.


  • Troelstra, A. S. (2016). Bibliography of natural history travel narratives. Utrecht: KNNV Publishing. [details] 


  • Troelstra, A. S. (2011). History of constructivism in the 20th century. In J. Kennedy, & R. Kossak (Eds.), Set Theory, Arithmetic, and Foundations of Mathematics: Theorems, Philosophies (pp. 150-179). (Lecture Notes in logic; Vol. 36). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. DOI: 10.1017/CBO9780511910616.009  [details] 


  • Troelstra, A. S. (2016). Checking your history. In J. van Eijk, R. Iemhoff, & J. J. Joosten (Eds.), Liber Amicorum Alberti: a tribute to Albert Visser (pp. 223-230). (Tributes; Vol. 30). London: College Publications. [details] 


  • Troelstra, A. S. (2009). Kolibries in de oren: natuurhistorische reisverhalen 1700-1950. Amsterdam/Antwerpen: Atlas. [details] 
  • Troelstra, A. S. (2009). Waarheid en leugen in het natuurhistorisch reisverhaal. De Boekenwereld, 26(2), 66-76. [details] 


  • Troelstra, A. S. (2008). Van Spitsbergen naar Suriname: Nederlandse natuurhistorische reisverhalen. Amsterdam [etc.]: Atlas. [details] 
  • Troelstra, A. (2008). Inleiding. In A. S. Troelstra (Ed.), Van Spitsbergen naar Suriname: Nederlandse natuurhistorische reisverhalen (pp. 7-16). Amsterdam [etc.]: Atlas. [details] 
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