Vossius Center for the History of Humanities and Sciences

About the Vossius Center

The Vossius Center brings together researchers from all faculties of the University of Amsterdam who share an interest in the history of humanities and science, as well as in university history.

How are the many academic disciplines connected, and how does knowledge from one discipline reinforce knowledge in another discipline? Due to increasing specialisation and fragmentation we as academics do not know each other’s disciplines any more. And yet the history of science and humanities shows that important innovations and discoveries are found exactly where disciplines interact or cooperate. The Vossius Center aims to jointly investigate the position and motivation of knowledge-making disciplines, in past and present, from a post-disciplinary historiographical perspective. Amsterdam is excellently positioned for this task: it is the home of the Society for the History of Humanities and is at the forefront in both the history of humanities and the history of science.

Published by  Faculty of Humanities

14 April 2016