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Magdalena Luszczynska joins the Vossius Center in October for three months as a Research Fellow with the project 'Let Mercury Speak: Michael Sendivogius’s Alchemical Dialogues and Early-Modern Scientific Imagination'.

About the project

Michael Sendivogius (1566-1636) was a Polish-born alchemist, physician, and scholar. Highly regarded by his contemporaries, he served as a courtier of the emperor Rudolf II and of King Sigismund Vasa of Poland and as a personal physician of German and Bohemian noblemen. Sendivogius’s writings, which appeared in numerous editions in the original Latin and in translation to vernaculars, became the bedrock of any alchemical library.

Although Sendivogius’s oeuvre has been of interest to scholars of western esoterica and historians of science, who credit him with the ‘discovery’ of the substance that later came to be known as oxygen, there is still room for further, in-depth analysis of his works. During my post-doctoral studies, I will focus on under-researched literary and social dimensions of Sendivogius’s writings, and especially of his alchemical dialogues.

About the researcher

Magdalena Luszczynska is currently completing her PhD project The Politics of Polemics: Anti-Jewish Writings and Arian Identity in 16th Century Poland at the The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of History of the Jewish People.