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At the next Vossius Seminar, Dr Henning Trüper (University of Helsinki) will give a presentation on "Intractable Entanglement? Historicity in the History of the Humanities and the History of Science".

Detail Summary
Date 30 January 2017
Time 16:00 - 17:30
Location BG 1
Room Venue: BG1, room 0.16
A scholar in his Study


The history of science has left to the field of historical theory almost all discussion of the nature and meaning of historicity. The field of historical theory in turn has tended to eschew discussion of historicity as an artefact of scholarly knowledge production in the humanities. The history of the humanities so far has not shown much eagerness to appropriate this domain. And yet, as I will seek to show, both the history of science and the history of the humanities have been marked over a long time by their engagement with the problem of historicity, and this engagement constitutes a chief site of their entanglement. I will argue that both fields ought to hold reckoning with this aspect of their shared history and their relations toward historical theory. I will moreover probe the prospects for resolving the entanglement.

About the speaker

Henning Trüper has worked on questions of historical theory, the history of historical writing, philology and Orientalism in 19th and 20th-century Europe. After graduating from EUI Florence, he has worked at the University of Zurich; EHESS-CRH, Paris; IAS Princeton; TU Berlin and currently at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.  Publications include Topography of a Method: François Louis Ganshof and the Writing of History (Tübingen 2014); ed. with Dipesh Chakrabarty, Sanjay Subrahmanyam, Historical Teleologies in the Modern World (London 2015). 

BG 1

Room Venue: BG1, room 0.16

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