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Mr J.G. (Jaco) de Swart MA MSc

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History of Dark Matter

Why did we start to believe that 85% of the matter in the universe consists of a yet-undetected form of matter, now known as 'dark matter'? How did such a fantastical problem come to light? 

Although the stakes in finding a solution to the problem of dark matter are very high, the complex history of this issue has been quite ill-understood. I am working shedding new light on the origins of this most interesting open problem. 

This interdisciplinary research project is supervised by dr. Gianfranco Bertone from astrophysics (GRAPPA), prof. Jeroen van Dongen from history of physics (IoP / Vossius Center), and prof. Erik Verlinde from theoretical physics (IoP).


MSc Theoretical Physics

University of Amsterdam 2016

MA Philosophy

University of Amsterdam 2013

BA Philosophy

University of Amsterdam 2011

BSc Beta-Gamma (Major: Physics)

University of Amsterdam 2010

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  • de Swart, J. G., Bertone, G., & van Dongen, J. (2017). How Dark Matter Came to Matter. Nature Astronomy, 1(3), [0059]. DOI: 10.1038/s41550-017-0059 [details]
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