Vossius Center for History of Humanities and Sciences

Vossius Fund for the History of the University of Amsterdam

This Fund was made available by the Faculty of Humanities.

It was established to support initiatives in the field of the History of the UvA, to be carried out by students, lecturers and researchers.

Candidates can apply for funding for the following:

  • costs for organising conferences and other projects concerning the History of the UvA (max. 10,000 euros).
  • research costs  (max. 2,000 euros ) or publications (max. 5,000 euros);

Applications must make clear how the proposed activity will benefit the knowledge or the dissemination of knowledge about the History of the UvA.


Applications should include a work plan, a CV, a sound budget, and a motivated request for funding, submitted together as one PDF file.

Submissions should be sent to the Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research (AIHR), for the attention of the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, aihr-fgw@uva.nl.

Application deadline

Annually there are three deadlines for submission: 1 January, 1 May and 1 October. Candidates will be notified of the result no later than 4 weeks after the relevant deadline.

Application form

Please apply by using this application form.


Applications are assessed by the Board of the Vossius Fund for the History of the University of Amsterdam, which has the following members:


Prof. F.P. Weerman (Dean of the Faculty of Humanities)


dhr. prof. dr. C.M. Cappon
dhr. prof. dr. G.H. Janssen
mw. dr. A.M.R. de Dijn
dhr. dr. S. de Haro Ollé

For further information about the fund please contact us at aihr-fgw@uva.nl.  


Published by  Faculty of Humanities

12 December 2016