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Essay Rens Bod in The Chronicle

How a New Field Could Help Save the Humanities

22 February 2017

Rens Bod, one of the directors of the Vossius Center, has published the essay "How a New Field Could Help Save the Humanities" in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Unlike the history of science, the history of the humanities is not an academic discipline. This is surprising — humanists are among the most historically minded scholars. How can it be that humanists care about the history of everything except about their own? The situation is of course more subtle: There is historiography of philology, of history writing, of religious studies, of art history, of musicology, of literary studies, and more, but what is missing is an academic discipline that explores the history of the humanities together. For the "humanities" to be more than just an umbrella term, this bewildering gap in intellectual history must be remedied.

Published by  Vossius Center