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Maarten Derksen (University of Groningen) will give the lecture "Control, resistance and replication psychology" in the APES Seminar series (Amsterdam Philosophy Encounters Science & Society).

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Date 21 February 2018
Time 16:00 - 18:00

It is a common criticism of experimental psychology that it is fixated on control: that it is wedded to a technological vision of its object of study and single-mindedly aims to control and manipulate it. In this talk I will explore control and resistance in psychology by considering a famous social-psychological experiment and the controversy it has recently given rise to. I will argue that the mechanisms of control in psychological experiments imply the subject's capacity to resist. Moreover, the move towards greater emphasis on replication in psychology is starting to change the character of experimental studies from demonstrations of control to tests of resistance.

APES [Amsterdam Philosophy Encounters Science & Society]

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Oude Turfmarkt 141-143
Oude Turfmarkt 141-143

Oude Turfmarkt 141-143
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