Vossius Center for the History of Humanities and Sciences

Vossius Seminar

21Mar2017 16:00 - 17:30


At this Vossius Seminar Prof. Dr. Martin Mulsow (University of Erfurt) will give a lecture on "Categories for a Global Intellectual History".


Global history today is often accompanied by a return to ‘big’ and ‘hard’ questions, in particular questions of economic and environmental history. If the much-belated call is now also being heard for a ‘global intellectual history’, a comparable return is at least partly implied: let’s trace the big political ideas, from liberalism to civil war, over long periods of time and over global distances. But there is a risk here that many of the advances made by cultural history in recent decades could be lost. How can we preserve the toolbox of cultural-historical methods and insights for a global intellectual history?

About the speaker

Martin Mulsow is Professor of Intellectual History at the University of Erfurt and Director of the Gotha Research Centre for Early Modern Studies. His main areas of research are Renaissance philosophy, the history of early modern scholarship, clandestine literature, and radical Enlightenment. His most recent book is Prekäres Wissen: Eine andere Ideengeschichte der Frühen Neuzeit (2012). 

Venue: BG1, room 0.16

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