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Vossius Seminar

12June2018 15:00 - 17:15


At the next Vossius Seminar Lieke van Deinsen (Vossius Fellow in June) and Alexandra Hui (Missisippi State University) will present their research.


15.00-16.00: Lieke van Deinsen

Female Faces of Science and Scholarship. Author Portraits and the Construction of Female Intellectual Authority in Early Modern Europe

In this talk Lieke, who joins the Vossius Center in June to write a grant application, will tell us about the new research project she is developing. Her project aims to analyse portraits of European women writers and female scholars in the age of Enlightenment (1650-1800) as vehicles of public image in the male-dominated intellectual field, in order to investigate the historical struggle of women to represent and embody intellectual authority. Central questions are: How did female intellectuals and their portraits iterate the seeming incompatibility between growing interest in the individual on the one hand and their limited options in the public sphere on the other? Structured by an array of multidisciplinary perspectives, this project is informed by and will contribute to literary, art, and cultural history, and gender studies, in providing a historical foundation for the still challenging issue of the depiction of female intellectual authority.

16.15-17.15: Alexandra Hui

Imagined Ecologies and the Sounds of Extinction, 1900-1940

This talk comes from Hui’s larger research project on the central importance of sound and listening for the development of modern conceptions of the environment and environmentalism in the US and Germany. Hui asks, that is, how did new sounds and new ways of listening co-develop to ultimately alter the way individuals thought about the world around them? She will focus on two examples from the first half of the twentieth century — the standardization of bird song representation via music notation and the sounds of extinction. By closely examining actual sounds and listening practices, from early bird song recordings to current hunting traditions, and comparing them across national contexts, the project offers a new approach to understanding past human relationships with nature.

17.15: Drinks

Venue: Artis Library

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