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The image of China in the Golden Age

10May2017 20:00 - 21:30


Since the start of the seventeenth century there has been an increasing exposure of China in the Netherlands. The European image of China is created in the Republic of the United Netherlands. The NWO project 'The Chinese Impact: Images and ideas of China in the Dutch Golden Age' researches from different perspectives how this representation of China emerged.

In this SPUI 25 event various researchers will shed light on the way China and the Netherlands formed images of one another in the seventeenth century. Thijs Weststeijn will elaborate on the first Chinese visitors to the Netherlands on the basis of the earliest European portrait of a Chinese person. Willemijn van Noord will show how Chinese people were represented on Dutch ceramic tiles. Lennert Gesterkamp will look at the representation on the other side by demonstrating how the Chinese were astonished by the Dutch ‘redheaded barbarians’. The evening will be moderated by historian Tristan Mostert.


Until 20 August the Frans Hals Museum displays the exhibition Barbarians and Philosophers: The Image of China in the Golden Age. The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the NWO project The Chinese Impact.

Venue: Spui 25

Spui 25

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